Noisy Shifter?

My Shifter Gasket Kits Isolate Noise &Vibration!

Kits Are Available For Late Model Mustang, Camaro/Firebird, GTO & Viper Manual Shifters.

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All Gasket Kits except Mustang MT-82 come with a base & handle gasket. The MT-82 (1-piece handle) contain a base gasket only.

All Kits are available with or without the recommended Blue Threadlocker for the shifter and handle bolts.

GTO T-56 Kits includes additional step-by-step illustrated, detailed installation instructions.
Combo Kits with Blue Threadlocker are an additional $1.99.

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About My Shifter Gasket Kits

The shifter base and handle gaskets will reseal your shifter if you’re upgrading the shifter. The gasket is made from 1/16″ high-temp silicone rubber; makes it quick and easy to install or service your shifter. It also acts as a noise/vibration barrier to help ensure that transmission gear noise doesn’t enter your car’s interior through the shifter.

Using tradition silicone sealer alone can result in unwanted noise and vibration, especially if it’s not evenly distributed to eliminate metal-on-metal contact. With my shifter gasket kit you won’t have to worry about transmission related noise entering your cabin, nor deal with the shifter being hard to remove when servicing. And, the gasket is reusable.

Blue Threadlocker is recommended on all shifter base and handle bolts to ensure they will stay secure. If you don’t have any on hand, I recommend that you choose a “Combo” Kit that includes the Blue Threadlocker.